Indonesian timber exports to China improve despite COVID-19 pandemic

Even amid the global COVID-19 crisis, Indonesia’s wood exports to China have continued to improve. The export value of Indonesia’s forest products to China between January to May 2020 reached US$1.143 billion, up 1% compared to the same period last year, reported Indonesian business news portal Kabarbisnis.

According to Indroyono Soesilo, Chairman of the Indonesian Forest Entrepreneurs Association (APHI), this increase can be attributed to Indonesia’s niche presence in the Chinese market. “We should be grateful because even though being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of our exports to China can still be maintained, even increasing slightly compared to the same period last year,” he said. He said the increase occurred especially in certain products such as high quality plywood, paper products, handicrafts, chipwood and woodwork. However, some products experienced a decline, namely pulp, veneers, wood furniture and prefabricated buildings.