Indonesian plywood and furniture exports to US on the increase

Agus Suyono, Head of the Samarinda Agricultural Quarantine Center has reported that plywood export to the US during the first quarter of 2020 earned around Rp5.56 billion. This first quarter performance represents an 8% increase compared to a year earlier, reported ITTO.

He also said that exports to China, India, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in the first 4 months of 2020 totalled 4,914 cubic metres.

According to Suyono, despite the pandemic, plywood exports to the US have continued to be largely unaffected and he puts this down to Indonesia’s rising competitiveness in the international plywood market.

More new orders for Indonesian furniture from US buyers

Furniture craftsmen in Solo, Central Java, has started producing for recently received orders from buyers in the US. Irawan Mintorogo, Head of Marketing for the Soloraya Furniture and Craft Industry Community (Kimkas) in Solo said there had been a period when no orders were arriving but that has now passed. He pointed out that buyers in the US were the first to place orders, unlike buyers in the EU who are still hesitant.