Indonesian mixed tropical hardwoods needs to be re-categorise

The Indonesian Forest Products Research Center has conducted a research on the basic characteristics of some readily available lesser used timbers, which are currently traded as Indonesian mixed tropical hardwoods.

It was noted that some of the timbers needed to be upgraded and traded individually such as mimba (Azadirachta indica A.Juss), gopasa (VITEC cofassus Reinw. Ex Blume), tembesu (Fagraea fragrans Roxb) and penggal buaya wood (Zantoxylum rhetsum St. Lag).

The research was reported by Dr. Ratih Damayanti, M.Si, a researcher at the Center who explained that the research that from a total of 1,060 timbers included in the recent study; 40 could be classified in Class Commercial I, 325 as Commercial II, 53 as Commercial III, 212 as Commercial IV and 205 as Commercial Class V.

If the upgrading is adopted, it will impact royalty payments and improve government revenue.

Source: ITTO