Indonesian government revokes 3 million hectares of forest permits

Photo: Imat Bagja Gumilar/Unsplash

In a virtual press statement, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced that the government has revoked 192 forestry sector permits covering 3,126,439 hectares, because companies that have the permits have not carried out any activities in recent years.

According to the President, this step was taken in an effort to improve the governance of natural resources and to encourage community welfare through productive forest management. Through this move, more access to forest areas can be granted to communities, land productivity and investment can be raised, and governance can be strengthened.

The Environment and Forestry Minister pointed that 1.7 million hectares of revoked palm oil permits in state forest areas account for over 57% of the total revoked permit areas. Additionally, permits for logging and pulpwood concession areas covering over 1.32 million hectares were also revoked.

Source: ITTO