Indonesia pumps investment to boost local wood processing industry

Image: Petanibalsa/Siaran Indonesia

The Ministry of Industry has allocated IDR7.5bn for a programme to assist in the upgrading of machinery and equipment in the wood and furniture processing industries.

The Ministry of Industry aims to assist at least 10 companies needing production equipment upgrading. Putu Juli Ardika, Director General of Agro-Industry at the Ministry of Industry, explained that the programme aims to strengthen the value chain for processed wood and furniture by optimising technological aspects.

He added: “In addition, this can enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of wood processing and furniture production.”

Since 2022, 24 wood and furniture processing companies have participated in this programme and recipient companies say the programme increased company efficiency by 10-30%, product quality by 10-30% and company productivity by 20-30% according to the ministry.

Source: ITTO