Indonesia plans to intensify timber market presence in Asia

Image: Alexander Schimmeck/Unsplash

Wiradadi Soeprayogo, chairman of the Indonesian Sawmill and Woodworking Association (ISWA), said the timber industries are ready to intensify marketing in Asian countries as they anticipate a further decline in demand in Europe and America which is already having a negative impact on ISWA members business.

He said in 2022 the export value of wood products and sawnwood reached US$2.4bn but in 2023, as of November, a decline of 13% was observed.

He added that to penetrate new markets exporters must be prepared to meet the specific requirements in the various markets and prepared to address their concerns on environmental issues.

He said that these various challenges cannot be overcome by ISWA alone but require inclusive collaboration with related parties, namely the government, universities and professional organisations.

Source: ITTO