Indonesia Furniture Industry and Crafts Association to collaborate with China National Forestry Machinery Association

Jakarta Interior Design and Furniture Expo (JIFEX), hosted by HIMKI

The Indonesia Furniture Industry and Crafts Association (HIMKI) intends to collaborate with the China National Forestry Machinery Association (CNFMA) to promote appropriate wood processing technology for the furniture industry.

HIMKI General Chairperson, Abdul Sobur, explained that both HIMKI and CNFMA appreciate the relationship between technological developments and the success of the furniture industry.

According to Sobur, the impact of technology in the furniture and crafts sectors is undisputed as this can raise production efficiency and process precision.

In addition machine technology can expand the possibilities for furniture design. Designers can experiment with new materials and shapes knowing that modern machines can deliver with precision.

Sobur commented that machining technology has changed the furniture and crafts industry by enabling mass production, increased efficiency and precision, and has encouraged innovation and customisation and contributing to sustainability efforts.

In related news, HIMKI is working with the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp, the organiser of the China International Furniture Fair, to expand Indonesia’s share of the furniture market in China.

Source: ITTO