India’s KCR pledges firm action to check Wood Smuggling

Hyderabad’s chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has said that the government will act firmly to check timber and wood smuggling, and suggested a four-point multi-pronged strategy to improve green cover.

Rao, who held a meeting with officials on protecting forests, said the intelligence wing was involved in identifying those who indulged in illegal felling of forests and smuggling timber and wood.

Suggesting a thorough review of the existing forest act of Telangana, Rao said a new Act could be brought out to conserve the forests and to punish the smugglers.

He suggested a four-point multi-pronged strategy to improve the greenery in the state. This would entail protecting existing forests, rejuvenating lost forests, taking up social forestry in rural areas and lastly, to develop greenery in all cities, including Hyderabad, towns and urban areas to avoid pollution. He also added that the forest mission should move ahead with the slogan ‘jungle bachao, badhao‘ (protect forests, promote forests).