Indian furniture makers show interest in Swedish softwood

Swedish Wood reported in its press release that the Indian industry is showing strong interest in Swedish pine, particularly for furniture and joinery, following its participation in the recent ‘India Wood’. Swedish Wood represents the Swedish sawmill industry and is part of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

There was strong interest in the Swedish softwoods, particularly pine, from visitors who mainly comprised representatives of Indian furniture and joinery companies, wood importers and, to a lesser extent, interior designers, architects and furniture designers.

Charlotte Dedye Apelgren, Director of Interior and Design at Swedish Wood shared that “the signals we received from the Indian furniture market at the trade show is that the younger generation are showing an interest in softwood furniture that is relatively light, feels modern and is easy to transport when moving house, for example.”

Swedish exports of sawn wood products to India are currently quite modest but they are growing rapidly. Last year Sweden exported 27,000 cubic metres of sawn softwood worth around SEK 50 million. Sweden is the fifth largest country for softwood exports to India and has seen the greatest increase in exports in recent years. The Swedish sawmill industry sees India as a priority market for the future, and exports to India from Sweden are expected to continue growing.