India imports of US softwood cross over US$15 Mn

American softwood products exports to India from January to October 2016 reached a high of US$15.265 million.

Douglas-fir and Southern Yellow Pine species made up 16 percent and 68 percent, respectively, of total United States (US) softwood lumber exports to India, according to data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Exports of US softwood logs to India fell 20 per cent to US$7.826 million during the same ten months in 2016.

“India’s timber sector has demonstrated an increased interest in American softwoods, more specifically in softwood lumber as opposed to logs in previous years,” Charles Trevor, consultant to American Softwoods, said.

American Softwoods (AMSO), which recently participated in DelhiWood 2017, aspires to strengthen its presence in India’s market while promoting American softwoods.

Mr Trevor added, “Our participation at DelhiWood is aimed at encouraging the use of American softwoods for both internal and external projects and increasing awareness of commercially available species.”

Famed for their beauty, flexibility, strength, and versatility, American softwoods comes from sustainably-managed forests for exportation for almost two centuries.

Source: WoodNews