The Independent Wood Processors Association of British Columbia (IWPA) has announced the appointment of Brian Menzies as their new Executive Director.

“We believe this is a vital time for forestry in British Columbia, and we have selected Brian Menzies to help the IWPA expand our industry as innovative forest product manufacturers,” said Andy Rielly, IWPA Chair and President and Chief Executive Officer of Rielly Lumber Inc. “Brian has the experience in government and in public affairs to support our industry association, as we undergo a major refocus on the benefits of higher value wood producers for the people that live and work in our communities throughout BC.”

Brian Menzies has over 20 years of experience working in senior levels of the BC government, and as a public affairs consultant for various forestry companies, industry associations and government agencies. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, specialising in public policy stakeholder engagement, and has practice in communications, digital marketing and public engagement campaigns. Brian also has experience as a mediator, negotiator and a public participation facilitator. He has enjoyed working for not-for-profit organisations from conducting strategic planning reviews to managing fund-raising campaigns.

“I am excited and committed to helping the IWPA to demonstrate to others their innovative approach to manufacturing renewable wood products that create a higher value out of every log,” said Menzies. “I know I have big shoes to fill and I am thankful for this opportunity to help make a difference for the IWPA and BC’s forestry sector.”

“I am thankful for all the hard work Russ Cameron has done in the past two decades keeping the IWPA in the forefront as a leader in BC’s forestry industry,” sida Rielly. “We are also pleased that Russ has agreed to stay on as an advisor to the IWPA.”

The IWPA is a British Columbia forest industry association representing over 50 small and medium-sized family-owned and community-based manufactures throughout the province. Our members companies are open market sawmillers, remanufacturers, custom cutters, custom processors, and wholesalers engaged in the production and sale of both commodity lumber and specialty products such as timbers, siding, paneling, and molding of all native BC species. We produce innovative products creating higher value out of each stick of wood manufactured while committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting.