Increasing sawing productivity with Finnos’s board scanner

Photo: Finnos

Finnos, a company that offers AI-driven log X-RAY solutions for the sawmill, pulp, energy and plywood industries, have introduced their latest measuring device, a new board scanner which aims to improve data acquisition and productivity of the sawing process.

According to the company, the board scanner scans boards from all sides and identifies from the images different types of defects, such as knots and wanes, among others. It is essentially a measuring device that scans and grades boards on a transversal conveyor with turning the boards.

A large group of FinScan key personnel is involved in the development of the board scanner. The developers understand what the scanner is used for at the sawmill to ensure the best possible yield from the customer’s point of view. Their goal is to achieve the maximum value yield of the sawmill’s production, and for the right products to go to the right bins without extra or unnecessary trimming. Finnos explained that the sawmill will get “a better price for better board quality”, because the trimming can be minimised with the information produced by the board scanner.

The log and board scanners use AI technology. Artificial intelligence has enabled a software which does the object recognition and image processing. It also detects various defects, such as knots, which influences the sawing and quality of the products produced by the sawmill.