Increase in revenue for Forest Enterprise England

The lateset results from Forest Enterprise England showed that its income was up 4% to £36.5m for its 2015/16 harvesting programme.

“Despite challenging wet and windy weather conditions through the winter we despatched our full published sales plan volume of 1.375 million m3 overbark standing,” said Simon Hodgson, Forest Enterprise chief executive.

“Timber uplift was slower than normal at the start of the year as processors de-stocked their wood-yards but picked up to end the year on target. In certain areas, our certified wood was in special demand to ensure that processors could maintain the maximum certified status.

“We saw a marked fall in log prices at the start of the year, especially in northern England, yet despite that our income was almost 4% above our target reaching £36.5m.”

The production statistics are based on Forest Enterprise’s internal customer data.


Source: Timber Trades Journal (TTJ)