In the U.K., timber is completely revamping the homebuilding industry

In the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) construction industry, according to Builders’ Merchant News, homebuilding has emerged as one of the most buoyant sectors over the last half decade, with its rate of growth only overtaken very recently by the infrastructure industry.

Presently, demand remains so strong, homebuilders are unable to keep up with demand, and the time-lag between housing starts and completion has blocked any speeding up in building material supply.

This is due to the British government having debuted a £3 billion “home-building fund”, a loan programme targeted at encouraging more small- to medium-sized builders to concentrate their efforts on homebuilding.

According to reports from the Structural Timber Association (STA), up to 90 per cent of all homes are now being built with timber frames.

This could be due to the fact that timber frames cost less than other alternative framing materials, are more sustainable, afford a speedier construction time, more positive environmental impact, and are more energy efficient than traditional masonry.

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) and structural insulated panel systems (SIPS) are also contributing to timber’s growing share in the homebuilding market.


Source: Builders’ Merchant News