In the first half of 2017, imports of forestry products have grown in Latvia

Over the first half of 2017, Latvia brought in forestry products worth €395.7 million (US$470.6 million), an increase as compared to the €357.4 million (US$425.1 million) seen at the same time period in 2016, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

According to the Baltic Course, timber and its related products accounted for an estimated 56.8 per cent of total forestry products imports for the first half of 2017, coming up to €224.6 million (US$267.1 million).

Timber imports to Latvia include sawn timber, valued at €69.6 million (US$82.7 million), a 25 per cent rise against 2016, and making up 17.6 per cent of the total forestry products imported. Round timber imports, however, dropped an estimated 15.9 per cent to €33.9 million (US$40.3 million) to account for 8.6 per cent of the total forestry products imported.

Latvia imported the most forested industry products from Lithuania over the time period at an approximate €78.8 million (US$93.7 million), or 19.9 per cent of the total amount imported – a 21 per cent increase from 2016. Russia was behind €49.7 million (US$59.1 million), 12.6 per cent, and a 2.5 per cent increase in products imported; with Estonia at an almost identical €49.8 million (US$59.2 million), and a similar 12.6 per cent of imported forestry products, a number which has grown 4.5 per cent.


Source: The Baltic Course