In Ruhewald Schloss Tambach’s cemetery, a peaceful chapel

On the gentle rolling landscapes near the German town of Coburg, a forest cemetery can be found, allowing people to find their final resting place in surrounded by nature. A sacred and scenic place, the devotional room there is simple and open, and offers protection to those who seek its shelter.

Built of wood, seven wooden arches rise to form the space within. The lower arch at the entrance is the width of the chapel at exactly 4.79 metres, and the height of the highest arch – 7.75 metres – corresponds to the length of the structure.

The outer cladding is made of split larch wood shingles, and the glazed gable sides allow the seasons into the interior with its different lighting, bringing in an element of interplay between man, nature, and sacred space.


Architects: Graz / Paris, Sacher.Locicero Architects
Location: Ummerstadter, Weitramsdorf, Germany
Year of completion: 2018
Photo credits: Sebastian Kolm