In Kyoto, a traditional timber-structure house infused with modernity

With more than a century of history under its figurative belt, the traditional timber house in Gojo Krasuma, Kyoto, Japan, may be orthodox on the outside, but its interior is thoroughly modern.

When it was upgraded, the original structures were strengthened, and old wooden planks from the house were reused, keeping the historical aura of the house. With the preservation of the house’s natural beauty in mind, wood and brass were given priority as building materials.

Presently, the guesthouse offers visitors a chance to compare and contrast the old with the new, with the old timber structure preserved next to the modern furniture.


Architects: B.L.U.E Architecture Design Studio
Location: Gojo Krasuma, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Year of completion: 2017
Photo credits: Toshiyuku Yano
Source: ArchDaily