In Helsinki, a high school and community centre pushes the boundaries of timber construction

Based in Helsinki, Finland, AOR Architects has been commissioned to design Monio High school and Community Centre in Tuusula, Finland. Innovatively using timber construction, upon its completion, the building will be the largest school building made of timber logs in the world, with a community college, high school, and music institute combined to form a hybrid, multi-functional learning and community environment that encourages collaboration among the various demographics.

Applying contemporary and modern wood construction techniques to traditional building methods, AOR Architects have Monio High School and Community Centre in such a way that it will be both durable and environmentally-friendly, resulting in lowered carbon emissions through the lifespan of the building, and even in the construction phase.

The timber logs, being breathable and organic, not only generate an intriguing textual quality in the façade and interior of the structure, but also add to the architectural experience and improve the airflow and acoustics.


Architects: AOR Architects
Location: Tuusula, Uusimaa, Finland
Project year: 2018
Photo credit: AOR Architects