In Germany, sawmill and timber industry boosts collaboration with wood energy association

DeSH, the sawmill and timber industry federation in Germany and the FvH, the trade association for wood energy, are stepping up their collaboration, especially as energy policy issues are becoming one of the central topics in the sawing industry with the emergence of more and more factory-wood energy systems, according to the Timber Trades Journal Online.

“A separate consideration of material and energetic use of wood is often outdated in view of the cascading use of raw materials in modern woodworks,” Secretary General of DeSH, Lars Schmidt, explained to the Timber Trades Journal Online. “The cooperation with Fachverband Holzenergie makes it possible to use synergies and to speak to politicians and the public with a strong voice.”

To this end, the associations wish to work closely in order to coordinate their energy policies.

“Process heat and sector couplings are central concepts that we want to strengthen and promote together,” Thomas Siegmund, Managing Director of the Wood Energy Association of the Nundesverband BioEnergie e.V. (BBE), said.