In Dali Ancient City, there sits the Change Vacation Hotel, inspired by a Six Dynasties poet

Named for the poem The Return by Tao Yuanming, one of the greatest poets who lived during China’s Six Dynasties period (222-589AD), the Change Vacation Hotel reflects his idyllic life with freedom and unburdened by worries, and offers visitors all over the world a place to talk and drink with each other.

The traditional Bai exterior of the hotel, the San Fang Yi Zhaobi, which literally means three buildings forming a U-shape with a fourth wall as a screen, boasts a completely different interior. Inside, the décor on the screen wall offers numerous ambient touches, depending on the weather and light, and harmoniously live with the old residential courtyard of the hotel.

With timber veneer and wooden flooring mixed in with marble and antique brass, the exposed timber rafters are a gentle reminder of traditional Chinese architecture. Here, visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the world with the hotel’s theme of “quiet, clean and mirror”, and enjoy the traditional culture of the hotel interpreted in a contemporary manner.


Architects: Jiang Xiaolin, Wang Donglei, Min Yao, and Qu Yunlong
Location: Dali, Yunnan Province, China
Year of completion: 2015
Photo credits: Jing Xufeng