Impact of pandemic on Malaysian forest and logging sector’s employment and income

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) conducted an online survey to assess the impact of the pandemic on employment and income, reported ITTO.

For the forestry and logging sector the survey results showed 6 percent of workers were on half pay leave, 18 per cent were on unpaid leave and 12 per cent had lost their job.

The report can be found at: id=a0dyT2d5UmFMNEZJVTlmL0k5cFJNZz09

In related news, an April survey conducted by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) on the impact of the MCO on employment showed that incomes had dropped by more than 50 per cent. Some of the larger employers reported that they would be unable to sustain operations beyond three months.

In Sarawak, under the MCO, logging is allowed with manpower reduced to half. Downstream mills are allowed to operate with special permission, also with half the usual manpower in each mill. Reports suggest that around 140 wood processing companies have permission to operate.

It is understood that all activities in the timber industry has been halted in Sabah, while in Peninsular Malaysia only mills with special permission from Malaysian Timber Industry Board are allowed to operate.