IMAL-PAL Group beefs up technology for panel lines

The IMAL-PAL Group has designed and invested in technology for the DynaSteamPress and the Dynasteam. The system injects dry steam into the mat prior to the press, without creating condensation, which could leave marks on the surface of the board. 60 Dynasteam units have been sold since it was launched on the market three years ago; four have been installed on OSB production lines and the others, in MDF and particleboard lines.

Another technology is the newly designed high pressure resination system for particleboard, MDF and OSB. This system reduces resin up to 25%. Currently, there are 80 of such systems in operation around the world. The latest CYCLOPS, an optical spectrographic classifier, applies NIR technology to separate contaminants such as plastic, metal and inert substances from the recycled wood flow. For the industry, the DYNAPELLETPRESS is able to process up to 12 t/h of softwood. 


Image: An IMAL-PAL installation in Southeast Asia 


Source: IMAL-PAL/ Panels & Furniture Asia