IMA Schelling updates X30 servo infeed and stop system

The servo infeed and stop system

The IMA Schelling Group has updated its X30 servo infeed and stop system for pass-through edge processing machines, including an optimised parts flow through continuous alignment of the workpieces.

Further adaptations allowed for a reduction in noise emissions and tolerances, as well as an increase in productivity.

The workpieces are now aligned directly in the flow movement. Adjustments to the insertion cams and the counter holders lead to an increase in the accuracy of the machined workpieces. IMA Schelling has also optimised the stop system.

“With our revised infeed system, we can offer our customers a whole range of benefits,” explained Dennis Reddig, product manager Edge Processing at IMA Schelling.

The revised infeed system

More precise alignment of the parts reduces tolerances and thus increases the product quality of the manufactured workpieces.

“We have also improved efficiency and convenience at the same time as quality,” emphasised Reddig. Reduced cycle times ensure increased productivity, while improved operation and maintenance options as well as reduced noise emissions produce a more pleasant working environment for the machine operator.

Images: IMA Schelling