IMA Schelling offers factory reconditioned used machines

Even ageing machines, such as a first-generation fh 4 panel dividing saw, are overhauled and brought up to the latest technical standards (Image: IMA Schelling)

To conserve resources, IMA Schelling reconditions its used machines and offers them again as secondhand machines. This applies to machines for wood processing as well as for metals and plastics.

“We are convinced of the longevity of our products,” said Oliver Westerkamp, who manages and looks after the Second Hand Machines division at IMA Schelling.

To further extend the lifecycle of the machines, they are refurbished, modernised, certified and resold in his department — a resource-saving, sustainable solution.

IMA Schelling thoroughly overhauls the old machines with a specially assembled team of specialists. Functional components are overhauled, wearing parts are replaced and the control system is exchanged or updated. All parts that are still in service are given a second life.

“Disposing of functional components is simply a waste of resources,” emphasised Westerkamp. “And that is really no longer in keeping with the times.”

The Second Hand Machines department offers suitable reconditioned used machines for all IMA Schelling product areas in wood, metal and plastics processing. Depending on the requirements and scope of the machine overhaul or customised conversions, IMA Schelling offers a warranty of up to twelve months.

Buying a secondhand machine not only means greater sustainability, but also has other advantages. As a rule, the availability of a secondhand machine is shorter than that of a new machine and therefore it is possible to react quickly to changes in production, for example.

The refurbishment and modernisation also increases the efficiency of the machine compared to the original model — a double sustainability effect. Customers who are interested in a used machine can also register individual conversion requests, which IMA Schelling then can realise during the overhaul.

“Our customers are convinced by the secondhand machines and are increasingly asking for them,” concluded Westerkamp. “And they are doing so worldwide. We are currently realising projects with secondhand machines in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, France and India.”