IMA Schelling bundles its offerings for the panel industry in Board business unit

Solutions for cutting, transporting, storing, picking and packing for the panel industry by IMA Schelling

Cutting, transporting, storing, picking and packing: These are the usual work steps for panel manufacturers. The materials range from chipboard, medium- or high-density fibreboard (MDF or HDF), solid wood and plywood to oriented strand board (OSB).

IMA Schelling has bundled a range of automated and digitalised solutions for panel manufacturers. The company focuses on four core areas in their Board business unit:

IMA Schelling Board supplies cutting systems for all performance requirements from manually operated standard models to customised high-performance systems, including feeding and stacking solutions. All can work with high accuracy and maximum surface protection and can be designed for all common board sizes and thicknesses.

In the area of conveyor technology, IMA Schelling offers fully automatic transport systems for a range of requirements. Depending on requirements, roller conveyor, chain conveyor and link conveyor systems can be used.

Depending on requirements, IMA Schelling offers roller conveyor, chain conveyor or link conveyor systems for conveying panels

IMA Schelling Board also has rail-bound vehicles, stack turning devices and various lifting systems for transport in its portfolio. The company has already implemented transport systems for stack weights of up to 60t.

The company’s automated picking and storage systems can be adapted to individual customer requirements and all possible panel materials, thus ensuring flexibility and optimisation of the production process. By working with its cooperation partners, IMA Schelling can also offer automated high-bay storage solutions.

The automated packaging solutions include packaging, strapping and labelling systems. A squared timber production line can also be integrated, which glues board strips into underlay timber in a continuous process. Here too, IMA Schelling offers fully automated complete solutions from a single source.

Furthermore, IMA Schelling offers customised solutions, as described by Stefan Hinterholzer, business unit manager: “Every customer has their own specific requirements and we create customised solutions for each one with our claim to maximum flexibility and highest productivity.

“In all these areas, we at IMA Schelling have the right products as well as the expertise and many years of experience to implement customer requirements as desired.”

Images: IMA Schelling