Idaho Forest Group to buy over Tricon Timber’s stud mill in Montana

The Idaho Forest Group, one of the largest lumber producers in the United States (U.S.), is set to acquire Tricon Timber’s stud mill located in St. Regis, Montana, U.S.

“The St. Regis sawmill acquisition supports our continued growth and will be an excellent strategic addition to our existing operations in Northern Idaho,” Erol Deren, vice president of sales and marketing in Idaho Forest Group, stated.

With a strong reputation for investing in new technology for existing mills that keep them competitive in today’s wood market, the Group would be able to help Tricon keep up with the numerous challenges independent wood products are increasingly facing.

“Tricon was reaching out pretty far to get logs, and mills all around Montana are having to reach because log availability is a challenge,” Todd Morgan, director of forest industry research at the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research, explained to The Flathead Beacon. “I think the Idaho Forest Group has been pretty productive over the last several years and they have been able to grow. They have the cash and ability to buy and invest in mills. It doesn’t surprise me to see them build that economy of scale to help them stay in business.”


Sources: The Bradenton Herald, The Flathead Beacon