Hundegger: Exceptional flexibility and reliability for timber construction

One of the highlights was the ROBOT-Drive, which offers many processing possibilities with a 6-axis ROBOT unit and 16-fold tool changer. Equipped with an additional sawing unit, the ROBOT-Drive performs all trimming tasks right up to mass trimming. It is a machine that is profitable for all types of timber construction companies, including those manufacturing large prefabricated panels.


The second highlight was the SPM-2 automatic plate processing machine. Equipped with a 5-axis circular saw, finger milling cutter, drilling and labeling unit, the “Speed Panel Machine” not only performs the fully automated panel cutting, but also mills and drills all the openings required in practice. Its high precision and sensitivity to surfaces also makes the SPM-2 a machine of choice for facade builders.


The TURBO-Drive cutting machine is flexible and precise cross sections of 20 x 40mm to 160 x 450mm can be cut very quickly. In addition, the machine can also perform drilling and milling work and all types of marking, making it an all-rounder.

At the heart of the TURBO-Drive is the flexible saw unit for any angle and inclination cuts. The 5-axis saw unit, which can be rotated 360 ° and 180 ° at the same time makes it possible to produce fast, precise and high surface quality in addition to all conceivable saw cuts.