HSD Mechatronics to present new technologies at Holz-Handwerk

HSD Mechatronics, a designer and producer of components for the machining of composite materials and wood, will be displaying their technologies in Holz-Handwerk. In particular, they will be presenting MyHSD platform, and the new servomotor SM137 ETHERCAT and PROFINET.

“Creating innovation through integrated solutions that are sophisticated yet user-friendly, enabling production to be boosted and improved, but at a lower cost: This is precisely the vision that gave rise to MyHSD, the HSD platform that allows us to provide our customers with a huge range of services,” explained Fabrizio Pierini, division general manager of HSD.

“Reducing maintenance costs, analysing data in real time to convert them into handy information, enhancing the customer’s knowledge about the use of the electrospindles, providing additional services and supplying information useful for R&D, to improve our components and machines: All this is possible with MyHSD.”

According to a press release by Holz-Handwerk, HSD will be demonstrating the possibilities of MyHSD at their stand. MyHSD has a standard wi-fi network that will allow users to enter the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) world of MyHSD with the 24/7 possibility of seeing information and data in real time relating to the technologies being used, to optimise the performance and productivity of the devices.

The collected data can be used to analyse how the electrospindles are working, improve the processes and optimise maintenance through timely notifications and guided troubleshooting procedures.

Furthermore, with the premium package, users can also monitor device wear throughout its lifespan, maximising uptime and avoiding or reducing machine downtime. The MyHSD platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide global level infrastructure and security.

HSD will also be presenting the preview of SM137 ETHERCAT and PROFINET at Holz-Handwerk. The SM137 servomotor is part of HSD’s Smart Motors range, resulting from a design that brings together mechanical and electronic expertise.

It is said to be fitted with brushless technology: the Motion Controller, an encoder, an epicycloidal reducer, and various interface possibilities with the ETHERCAT and PROFINET field buses that ensure optimal communication, to ensure the standard controls, supervision systems and management computers can work together in a quick, efficient manner.

Beyond MyHSD platform and the new SM137 ETHERCAT and PROFINET, HSD sales personnel will be taking questions about working with wood in Holz-Handwerk, whether they are questions about milling units, working units used in the door and window sector, accessory units for wood construction, and more.

“For HSD, Holz-Handwerk is a reference event for the international wood sector market, and we invest heavily in it. For us, this trade fair represents a global showcase of enormous value. It gives us the chance to demonstrate the practical application of our technologies, and it is an unmissable opportunity for our customers to get a hands-on feel for our corporate culture and our 4.0 Ready innovations,” concluded Laura Alesi, marketing manager at HSD.