‘House of Cedar’

House of Cedar in Osaka, Japan (Photo credit:Yuko Tada, all images courtesy of Suga Atelier)

The ‘House of Cedar’, a residence in Osaka, Japan was designed by Japanese practice Suga Atelier. Lying in the direction of the north and overlooking a sloping bank before a river, the glass facade reinforced with a rectilinear pattern of aluminium mullions displays two interior stories. The squared exterior bends in unexpectedly like an origami-like fold between the elevated structure and ground plane.

A new structural system combines a cedar wood framing and steel bolts for a warm interior atmosphere. Smaller struts blend and weave into the internal walls and ceilings to replicate the structure of trees, evoking the feeling of living amongst trees in nature.

Living and dining area 

Upper level bedroom and corridor image

(left) stairway leading from entry corridor (right) view toward living room images