HOMAG unveils DRILLTEQ H-308 for Asian markets

The high speed processing unit of DRILLTEQ H-308 (Image: HOMAG)

HOMAG has launched DRILLTEQ H-308, featuring the latest in drilling technology in terms of efficiency and speed, designed and developed especially for the Asia.

According to HOMAG, DRILLTEQ H-308 is distributed exclusively in Asia, since the region requires a flexible machine deliver diverse orders.

Manufacturing firms had to manually adjust their machines with each change in the cut, drilling and pattern previously. The DRILLTEQ H-308 does away with these time-consuming steps.

In summary, the machine offers flexibility for high variant diversity as well as efficiency when series production is needed. Work interruptions are also lessened, resulting in faster processes and greater efficiency.

The DRILLTEQ H-308 is suitable for firms that produce 200-300 pieces a day.

“Two-in-one” drilling machine

The DRILLTEQ H-308 exhibits six-sided processing, enabling it to drill six sides of the working piece simultaneously. The machine also operates on two working fields that can be fed by an operator at the same time, offering a two-in-one machine.

As one field is working on one panel, the other field can prepare for further processing of the workpiece. Meanwhile, its upgraded variant, the DRILLTEQ H-310, provides the same functions but can be connected in a fully automatic line and can be controlled by a computer or robot.

As such, the processing time is reduced, and there is greater availability and flexibility in production.

“The possibility to use the two working fields at the same time, thus double loading the machine, is fully in line with the wishes and needs of the Asian market,” said Gordon Wu, product development head of HOMAG.

The DRILLTEQ H-308 also possesses a spindle clamp that can perform precise depth in drilling, ensuring reliable quality due to high repeat accuracy. It is equipped with four computer numerical controlled (CNC) clamps to hold the workpieces firmly and in the precise position. It can handle workpieces with dimensions of 250-2,500mm in length and 60-1,250mm in width.

HOMAG reported that the woodWOP software is included in the machine, enabling fast and intuitive operation and the ability to create individual sub-programmes. It also has greater programming security by providing 3D images of the workpieces as well as the processing and clamping equipment.