HOMAG reveals next generation of nesting solutions

CENTATEQ N-210 CNC machining centre

On 15 Nov 2021, HOMAG launched two new models of CNC machines for nesting applications, the CENTATEQ N-210 and CENTATEQ N-510, in response to the market’s demand for increased sustainability, flexibility and performance.

The new models can meet 5-axis processing needs in addition to classic nesting tasks. To be flexible, the maximum total height in the Z-direction on these new machines has been extended, and they are available in both stand-alone and automated configurations, and carry updated matrix table configurations to increase both performance and flexibility.

In addition to the table structure, the vacuum, air cushion concept, and material handling components have been rethought and further optimised. To optimise non-productive times and setup, the tool changing system has also been adapted. The machines were developed under the guiding principles of lower investment amounts for the customer, HOMAG quality standards, and reduced assembly times within their factories, resulting in greater availability for their customers.

The new CNC machines also address high volume processing. HOMAG offers a lifting table on the left-hand side and a belt conveyor on the right-hand side. The lifting table always moves to the desired height and the feeding of the panel onto the processing table is enabled automatically. Depending on the depth of the machine, this infeed device can consist of an increasing number of suction cups, which can be extended if when the panels to be processed carry a higher weight.

Other new upgrades include: an extended pendulum operation using a separate vacuum supply and ventilation of the table sections; the ability to control air cushion functions in the pendulum mode; optimised intelligent software solutions that aim to generate as little material waste as possible by optimising usage; a host of different table sizes available based on specific needs and requirements; and more options for tool changers and drilling gears.