HOMAG reports success for Holzbronn Technology Days

Visitors at the Holzbronn Technology Day

HOMAG Technology Days from 12-14 Mar 2024 in Holzbronn have concluded, reportedly attracting numerous visitors who came to understand the group’s panel dividing and panel handling solutions.

In addition to machines, cell solutions and digital products and production methods, HOMAG’s focus was also on generating personal dialogues with visitors.

Some of the products they have featured include:

The SAWTEQ S-300 / S-400 flexTec robot saws have an integrated robot and are technically engineered so that they can carry out batch size 1 production unmanned over longer durations. Alternatively, the saws can be operated manually, and flexibly and as required.

HOMAG has developed a new base model of the SAWTEQ S-300 / S-400 flexTec robot saws in response to the increasing shortage of skilled workers, particularly in medium-sized companies.

With individually configurable components, this offers the full range of functions for half- and fully automatic production at a more cost-effective price. Based on the base model, the parts output, flexibility in automatic mode and ease of operation in manual mode can be increased as required.

Another highlight of the Technology Days in Holzbronn was the storage technology. In addition to the new storage range, HOMAG presented the new quickTip and intelliStore AI – Offcuts functions of the woodStore 8 storage software for the first time.

HOMAG’s intelliStore AI – Offcuts enables the automatic storage of offcuts on defined stacks of panels distributed in panel storage

The storage not only makes the best decisions independently based on data, but also proactively reports to the machine operator to exploit the full storage potential.

Another solution displayed is the STORETEQ F-100 single-axis feeder. Equipped with a storage location, the automatic panel feeder enables fully automatic production including manual offcut management on the SAWTEQ S-200 and SAWTEQ S-300 flexTec.

A special feature of the cell is the simple and intuitive control via woodStore.

The next Technology Day will be held from 10-12 Apr at Herzebrock, with a focus on CNC and edge processing.

Images: HOMAG