Homag releases new CNC and sanding technology

HOMAG HPP 130 compact saw

Freestyle 5-axis technology

The new CNC machine concept is based on compact technology and almost automatic 360° handling. The Venture 115 can be accessed from all sides, thanks to the new safety Technology.

The Venture 115 five-axis machine is just one of nine possible configurations in this series. There are also three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis entry-level solutions available for horizontal CNC processing. The machine can be commissioned within a day, requires up to 15% less space for installation and offers accurate performance level.

The new BMG 312/V combines both five-axis technology and edge banding in one machine.

The new SWT 200: Compact, fast, intuitive

The new SWT 200 series requires less space, shorter set-up times, and is more user-friendly. This design prioritises efficient use of surfaces in the workshop. The machine is faster and safer to configure. Belts can be changed and attached and the grain calibrated in just a few steps. The measurement of workpiece thickness is also automated. There are two additional unit slots for post-processing. 

HPP 130 compact saw

The new HPP 130 makes it easier to cut precisely. The compact saw is equipped with everything a user needs for cutting single panels. This includes a saw blade projection of 60mm, a cutting length of 3200 mm, and the CADmatic 4 PRACTIVE machine control unit. The HPP 130 costs little more than a well-equipped circular saw while providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process.


Source: HOMAG Group/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia