HOMAG launches new solutions at Holz-handwerk

At the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair in Nuremberg, HOMAG appeared under its new company image for the first time.

Thanks to two strategic partnerships — Kuka and Grenzebach — there were also developments in automation expertise.

“Design meets digital”: HOMAG gives a face to the digital future

In line with the motto “Design meets digital”, HOMAG designed all machines to be even more intuitive and unique for users. Operating the machine will become a unique experience thanks to the progressive, function-oriented design.

HOMAG has also given the product names a clearer structure: from now on, the name of each machine will clearly state its function.

“With our new image, we’re giving our digitalisation offensive a new appearance. Our new look makes our intention clear for the customer — we are safely moving towards the digital future together with the customer,” Andreas Denker, HOMAG Executive Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, said.

HOMAG also entered into two strategic partnerships with KUKA and the Grenzebach Group.

The HOMAG – KUKA partnership sees developments in smart robot solutions and marketing them to the global woodworking market.

HOMAG – Grenzebach Group sees intensive cooperation in the field of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

The “autonomous cell”

The first fully autonomous workshop was presented at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair. It consists of two fully-automated cells connected by autonomous helpers: automated guided vehicles (AGV) are used to organise all of the parts logistics tasks, along with a six-axis robot for handling parts. The “autonomous cell” is able to take full advantage of its flexibility in trade as well as in the industry, and opens up new options for production.

New digital solutions

Since LIGNA 2017, tapio has created an open eco-system for the entire woodworking industry. tapio plays a neutral role in this process and offers a technological, digital base for partners. HOMAG is currently working with experts at tapio on new features and apps which should allow the user to get even more out of its production.

The first result was demonstrated live at HOLZ-HANDWERK: intelliDivide. The “Software as a Service” optimisation based on tapio provides users of HOMAG panel dividing saws with significantly higher computing capacity and can therefore provide several variants of optimisation results in a short time. This means that with intelliDivide, the operator is able to choose from a variety of options, including a result based purely on reducing waste, shortest machine run time or on the most simple handling, perfectly adapted to the relevant requirements.