HOMAG invites visitors to their Technology Days from March to May

HOMAG welcome visitors to their Germany locations for their Technology Days

HOMAG has announced their Technology Days for 2024, where visitors can experience their solutions first hand at HOMAG locations throughout Germany.

Currently, there are four Technology Days planned: the first from 12-14 Mar, the second from 10-12 Apr, the third from 16-17 Apr, and the last from 14-15 May.

Each Technology Day focuses on a different technology that HOMAG specialises in. According to the machine manufacturer, the main goals of these days are not only to showcase their technology, but also to interact with their customers.

12-14 Mar, Holzbronn

The focus of this first session is on HOMAG’s sawing, cutting and panel dividing technology. They will showcase entry solutions such as their SAWTEQ S-200 and updated SAWTEQ S-300 flexTec robotic saw, and nesting solutions such as their CENTATEQ N-210.

HOMAG will also be extending their opening hours to allow visitors to talk shop and exchange discussions with their experts.

10-12 Apr, Herzebrock

The focus of the second session is on CNC and edge processing technology. Visitors are privy to new perspectives and various options for optimising work processes, from digital workflows and smart machine integration concepts to automated production solutions.

The new EDGETEQ S-200 with a new, top-mounted gluing unit for PUR or EVA, as well as the new EDGETEQ S-380 will be showcased, along with the DRILLTEQ V-310.

CNC and edge processing solutions

16-17 Apr, Schopfloch

The third session is dedicated to component production, where visitors will discover technologies that facilitate and optimise the production of high-quality windows, stairs and doors.

The CENTATEQ S-800 or S-900 for automated window production, bar processing and block frame production, from entry-level to customised system concepts, will be featured. There will also be specialist presentations on their technology.

This session will also celebrate 25 years of HOMAG window production technology.

Technology for door, window and stairs production

14-15 May, Schopfloch

Lastly, this session will focus on edge processing and automation technology. HOMAG’s new EDGETEQ S-200 is featured here at Schopfloch as well, and the EDGETEQ S-500 will also be on display.

Images: HOMAG