HOMAG highlights at Dubai WoodShow 2016

What starts with a single machine or a compact workshop can evolve into a solution for the industrial entry level sector. The HOMAG Group offers an array of possibilities for modular production expansion, efficiency improvement and work flow optimisation. Visitors will get to see the following machines at this year’s Dubai WoodShow 2016:

WEEKE BHX 050/055: Over 2500 machines were sold in five years—that’s an average of more than two machines sold per working day. This smart processing centre will be on display to meet the market’s considerable demand.

HOLZMA HPP 300: The HOLZMA HPP 300 is a popular, compact and powerful single saw that offers impressive versatility. With its 80mm saw blade projection (with 95 mm as an option) and a 920mm high ergonomic table, the HPP 300 convinces with easy operation and reliability. Features on display at the fair will include ‘dustEx’, a highly efficient extraction option. A dynamic package accelerates the saw carriage – at the same time with an increased performance 13,5 kW of the main saw motor, which provides power and speed for the cutting process.

BRANDT Ambition 1230 FC: This edgebanding machine offers complete panel processing capabilities at an excellent price/efficiency ratio for those who wish to enter edgebanding technology. In the finishing the machine is equipped with a profile scraping unit, a glue joint scraper and a buffing unit.

The Ambition 1650 FC is flexible and economical. The motordriven adjustment of the top pressure, the glue joint scraping unit and the pre-installation for the airTec-system are justsomeoptions that come with this machine. With a retrofitting of the airTec-system for the perfect zero joint, users can choose to use the standard glue application with glue roller or the hot air system to produce zero joints.