From the saw-storage combination through to packaging: All the components required for furniture production will be live in action for visitors to experience at the XYLEXPO. The individual machines on show have been laced with a fascinating array of new and innovative features.

HOLZMA saw HPP 300 profiLine and horizontal storage system TLF 211

The winning combination of HOLZMA saw HPP 300 profiLine and horizontal storage system TLF 211 from HOMAG Automation is just one example of absolute process efficiency being demonstrated at the show. The two machines work hand in hand, and their precisely coordinated software enables them to speak each other’s language right from the outset. The focus is on the overall process – from loading the saw through panel dividing to stacking and further transport. The special feature of the TLF 211: For the very first time in Milan, panels with structured surface are run through a horizontal storage system. Normally, the structured surface makes it impossible to build up a continuous vacuum for panel transport. In this system, the engineering team of the handling specials has come up with a solution.                

The process chain continues with the edge banding machine KAL 370 profiLine from HOMAG. The machines of this series can be individually configured and offer impressive economy.

The profiLine edge banding machine on show is suitable for processing all types of edges and is fully equipped with the latest processing unit technology.  The result: Optimum processing and edge quality and impressive results in terms of economy. This modular series comes with feed rates of 20, 25 and 30 m/min depending on requirements, additionally benefits from a rugged design, and ensures a rapid return on investment in practice.

HOMAG KAL 370 ProfiLine

HOMAG VKS 250 ProfiLine

WEEKE Venture 115

Producers keen to venture into the world of 5-axis technology will find just what they are looking for with the Venture 115 from WEEKE.

The new safety technology used means that all the machines of the new series are freely accessible from all sides. The patent-pending optionally available convenience package allows certain functions to be controlled directly at the machine frame without requiring inputs at the operator panel.  The HOMAG Venture BMG 300 family of processing centers has been extended to include a new member. For woodworking shops and suppliers, there is now no longer any need to agonize over whether to invest in 5-axis technology or a machine for edge banding of shaped components. The new BMG 312/V combines both technologies in a single machine.

As soon as one-off or ready assembled items of furniture are produced, the question arises of suitable packaging to ensure reliable protection from damage during delivery to the end user. There is no way around using custom tailored packaging. The solution: The cardboard box cutting machine VKS 250 allows individual packaging to be produced precisely at the moment it’s needed – in optimum shape, with optimum volume utilisation and at minimal piece costs. The precise dimensions of each individual one-off packaging unit is provided by the 3D volume scanner. 

HOMAG Venture 115


Text and images: HOMAG Group