HOMAG at VietnamWood 2022


HOMAG is exhibiting at VietnamWood 2022 from 18-21 Oct 2022, displaying its technology tailored for the Asian market.

As Wolfgang Neeser, managing director for HOMAG Asia, said: “Asia fosters a robust manufacturing landscape as it is home to small-, medium-, and large-sized factories such as those in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. HOMAG has been instrumental in the ecosystem by allying with these factories along their growth journey.”

Among some of the machinery that HOMAG is displaying include DRILLTEQ H-308/310 and EDGETEQ S-370, and digital solutions such as Edgebander Management Set and Sorting Production Set.

The DRILLTEQ H-308/310 is HOMAG’s latest drilling technology, providing six-sided processing with maximum repeat accuracy. The machine operates on two working fields for continuous processing of the workpiece.

The latest EDGETEQ S-370 edgebander is best for small-batch production runs, helping boost productivity and reduce production time. For more information, read in the September/October issue of Panels & Furniture Asia here.

With the Edgebander Management Set and HOMAG’s edgeband rack, users can have a complete and permanent overview of the edge material and its stock. The Edgebander Management Set records which edges are placed into and taken from storage, including storage position.

The Sorting Production Set helps to sort furniture components, providing visibility of the furniture parts that have already undergone processing and are ready for assembly, packaging or further processing. It also provides an overview of the completeness of the furniture parts for sorting, as well as an overview of the status of the parts needed for a particular job. For more information, read in the March/April issue of Panels & Furniture Asia here.

Other offerings by HOMAG include STORETEQ S-200/500 storage system, the SAWTEQ B-180 and SAWTEQ B-300 panel dividing saws, the CENTATEQ P-110 computer numerical control (CNC) processing centre, HOMAG iX 3D design software, and productionManager application.

“Many factories, particularly in South East Asia, are still quite labour-intensive, and trying to meet rising demands this way while still delivering quality output will inevitably cause production hiccups,” said Lorenzo Marcaccioli, sales director for HOMAG Asia. “Our latest products can significantly decrease reliance on manual labor, resulting in reduced human error and processing time.”