Holmen shows a healthy operating profit in the first half of 2017

Holmen, a sawmiller based in Sweden, have posted their operating profits for the first half of 2017. Standing at SKr38 million (US$4.77 million). According to Timber Trades Journal, the improvement could be traced back to increased prices and rising production.

During the time period of six months, operating profits rose to hit SKr21 million (US$2.6 million), and market conditions in Europe improved, and led to an increase in market prices.

Deliveries of wood for the first half of the year hit 430,000m³, a nine per cent increase from the same time period in 2016 due to better production and a stronger market.

Additionally, Holmen had acquired Linghem sawmill to expand their product range, and also took over Rorvik Timber on the 28th of April. Presently, Holmen’s annual production capacity stands at 900,000m³.


Source: Timber Trades Journal