Holmen develops analytical tool showing bark beetle damage

Holmen has developed an analytical tool showing actual areas of spruce bark beetle damage on a map. Now, the forest company is offering its private wood suppliers a map of this kind.

The maps are the result of an advanced analytical tool that Holmen has developed. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence has been continuously supplied with data until it has become highly proficient at analysing attacks using satellite images.

The Swedish Forest Agency has for some time offered a risk index map of areas under threat of attack. This provides a useful complement to Holmen’s map showing areas where the damage has actually taken place.

In order to be able to process as much damaged wood as possible, Holmen has reconfigured parts of its production facilities. For example, Braviken Paper Mill and Hallsta Paper Mill have created a special range for damaged pulpwood. Braviken Sawmill has also started exporting wood products to the U.S. as one way of finding a market for wood damaged by the spruce bark beetle.

At the same time, Holmen is continuing to develop its map service and will conduct a new analysis in the spring.