Higher duty rates for lumber exports in Russia

Photo: Cristina Gottardi/Unsplash

From 2 Jan-31 Dec 2022, the Russian government will be introducing higher duty rates for export of individual kinds of lumber with moisture over 22% and thickness and width over 10cm in the country.

This is to prevent export of raw wood disguised as lumber, and according to the Russian Ministry of Industry, to “increase the export of products with high added value and to prevent flows of certain commodity groups into other ones”. The higher rates will only affect exports outside the Eurasian Economic Union.

The rate of €200/m3 is applied to softwood, while €250-370/m3 is set for precious hardwood. The rate for such softwood and oak lumber was 10% but at least €13 and €15 /m3 respectively, and 10% but at least €50/m3 for beechwood and ash.

Source: TASS