Hernesaaren Löyly in Finland is the country’s first FSC-certified project

Hernesaaren Löyly in Finland. Photo credit: Auli Elolahti/ FSC Finland.

The first ever FSC project certificate in Finland has been issued by certification body NEPCon to the Löyly sauna complex in downtown Helsinki.

Löyly is committed to sustainable business and green construction, making the environment its primary consideration throughout the project. This covered everything from FSC-certified construction material to the menu.

FSC-certified wood has been used for the latticework, outside surfaces, and terrace decking. These and all other wood used in the construction are treated with a Nardic Eco-labelled product, and the interior walls are made from waste material from birch plywood production. Löyly uses Eco-energy-certified electricity, and the building’s sea-view glass walls are energy-efficient.

Löyly is co-owned by actor Jasper Pääkkönen and Member of Parliament Antero Vartia (Finnish Green Party), who are promoting sustainable choices and want to encourage people to make sustainable decisions in every aspect of life.