Henkel begins production of Loctite PUR adhesives in Australia

Australia’s highest wooden office building in King Street, Brisbane uses Loctite PUR adhesives to create high-performance load-bearing elements that combine with walls and ceilings of cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements

Henkel is slated to produce Loctite polyurethane (PUR) adhesives in Australia from H1 2023. The adhesives will be manufactured in Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia, to serve the engineered wood industry across Australia and New Zealand.

With a growing environmental awareness surrounding construction and material use, engineered wood has become an increasingly popular design choice for load-bearing mass timber and high-tech structural engineering applications.

Approved for use in engineered wood construction markets, Loctite Purbond adhesives can reportedly help to manufacture glued wood components that are free from harmful industrial solvents and formaldehyde, according to Henkel. In addition, they can be engineered and controlled to enable the use of engineered wood in new ways.

“Purbond adhesives are used globally and have long been the benchmark for innovation and reliability in the engineered wood industry. Producing Purbond locally is an exciting endeavor that opens many opportunities for us to help our customers in Australia and New Zealand to grow,” said Brad Simpson, sales manager and business unit manager, adhesives technologies, engineered wood, furniture and building components from Henkel.

Henkel’s adhesive specialists at its Innovation and Application Labs in Sydney and Auckland help customers explore ways to expedite the time to market and optimise their own production processes for the development of engineered wood solutions.

With the production of Purbond in Australia, adhesives production can be customised for specific performance requirements such as fire resistance and for use with modified timbers.

“By localising the production of Purbond adhesives, our customers will benefit from reduced lead times from order to delivery, as well as greater supply chain security. This reflects our commitment to putting our customers at the center of what we do,” said Warren Grigsby, business development specialist, New Zealand, Henkel.