Haussicht: sustainable timber architecture with an ark

Baufritz, a sustainable timber building company in the UK, has tasked  designer Alfredo Häberli in developing a place to showcase Baufritz’s expertise in timber construction. The challenge was to exhibit a place that is independent, contemporary and unique. The result was the work, Haussicht. 

In the main building, theFlagship, the ground floor has a spine that is visual and functional: built-in furniture with extensive storage space that runs centrally through the entire length of the building. The furniture acts both as a partition and rear wall with small rooms arranged all around it. These rooms become alcoves when the sliding doors are opened. 

The ground floor, a private space, is not dissimilar to a ship’s lower deck – an ark. The generous space on the first floor is flooded with light and contains a kitchen, dining area and front balcony imitating the upper deck of a ship. With no pillars and minial solid walls, the space gives way to an open loft with continous windows. The smallest part of this floor contains a room within a room, an impressive, rotating so called Media-Koje. This terraced seating area acts like a theatre while serving as a couch and storage space. A bookshelf runs along the external walls at the windowsill height, which also provides seating. 

The small neighbouring building, the Stöckli – traditionally a house in Switzerland that farmers move into when they retire – has been designed to serve as a workshop, guest rooms or living accommodation for a grandparent. Smaller in size, it stands on a large column-plinth that houses the entrance, stairs and a lift. The Stöckli deliberately adopts the barrier-free home concept and is an attempt to use this important idea as the starting point for an exceptional design. The building resembles a small tugboat where as if a small harbour has grown up around the lake, a “village” by the water.


Source: Alfredo Häberli