HARO Launches Interactive Room Visualiser to preview floors

Germany’s HARO has launched a new interactive room visualiser that allows customers to preview how their chosen HARO floors will look when installed in their homes.   

The new room visualiser feature is an addition to the existing HARO digital! app, which the company has increasingly evolved into the mainstay of its digital sales strategy. The app provides sales representatives with support during their conversations with customers and provides them relevant sales information. The new room visualiser feature is now available on this app, as well as HARO’s website.

Using the new “View in my room” feature, HARO customers can quickly see how their HARO floor of choice will look when installed in their own rooms. The underlying technology allows real-time simulation including furniture, people, lighting, and shadowing. Customers can also change the direction of installation, share the photo with friends, send it to a partner, or download and print it. Finally, if the customer is happy with the selected product, they can use the connected sample shop to have a sample sent to their home.