GREENPANEL launches Club Grade HDF

GREENPANEL (part of Greenply Industries), India’s largest wood panel manufacturer, has launched Club Grade HDF (High density fiber board). An extremely strong and heavy-duty board, Club Grade HDF is water resistant board manufactured in state-of-the-art plants, using German technology.

GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF is the first choice for applications in moisture prone areas like kitchen and bathrooms.  

GREENPANEL CLUB GRADE HDF board is the perfect substitute for plywood and first choice for applications in moisture prone areas like kitchen and bathrooms.  Made from high density fibre, these boards are anti-fungal, and borer resistant too, making them the first choice when it comes to doing interiors for residential housing. The choice of raw materials coupled with quality checks at every stage of manufacturing makes these HDF boards extremely strong, highly resistant to water and perfect choice for humid areas. Made from High-density fibre, GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF Boards are the first choice for many architects and designers.

Due to its fibrous homogeneous construction, GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF can be profiled, carved, moulded and routed easily, which is a difficult task with plywood. It has a higher density than local plywood, resulting in more strength and compactness. By virtue of its constitution, it is termite and borer resistant unlike plywood which is vulnerable to woodworm.

Moreover, the GREENPANEL Club Grade HDF is extremely cost-effective and comes at half the price of BWP Plywood making it the perfect substitute for Plywood.