Greenpanel Doors: Shaping homes

One of India’s largest interior infrastructure brand and the pioneers of MDF ( Medium Density Fibre board’s ) in India – GREENPANEL, have recently introduced a new range of  Doors. 

GREENPANEL DOORS are made using Quadra Pro Technology and have a thicker glue core. The solid wood filler in the door gives them superior screw-holding capacity, and makes them resistant to shock and buckling. The doors have wider frames, and feature rails and stiles are made with imported wood. 

The customers have an option of customising the doors. For example, different types of vision and louvers can be added. Provisions can be made for special locks and hinges. Groovings on surface of the door can be made as per specifications. Additional rails and stiles can also be added for long handle, tower bolt and door stopper.

GREENPANEL DOORS have the following features:

  • Core block is made from Quadra Pro Technology
  • Wider frame for rails and stiles from selected imported wood
  • Uniformly-thick and smooth preservative treated filler
  • Thicker glue core
  • Thicker face for solid wood filler door
  • Un-extended Phenol formaldehyde resin gives boiling water proof bond

GREENPANEL also offers customized doors catering to the specific requirements of Architects. The features of customised doors include:

  • All kind of provision like Vision, Louvers, Locks and Hinges
  • Grooving on door surface
  • Double Leaf Door with rebate provision (Equal or Unequal Shutter)
  • Wood/PVC Lipping
  • Additional rails and stiles for long handle, tower bolt and door stopper

GREENPANEL DOORS offer the following advantages:

  • Borer and Termite Proof
  • Completely made from perfectly seasoned and chemically treated prime quality timber
  • Strong & Durable
  • Smooth Finish
  • Uniform Thickness
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Emission-free
  • No expansion and shrinkage in varying weather condition
  • Both side lock rails

GREENPANEL DOORS are available in three variants: 

  • Greenpanel Natural Teak Doors: They are made with seasoned timbers that are treated with preservatives to improve their natural durability
  • Greenpanel Laminated Doors: These doors are available in 30 vibrant designs, including solid colours. They are scratch-free and easy to maintain
  • Greenpanel Natural Veneer Doors: With solid wood core and veneered surfaces, they are equipped with in-house phenol resins and solutions for bonding the veneers to the core wood

The range starts from INR 3000 per door for 30 mm Flush door. For customised Laminated or veneered finish, the rates are as per choice of laminate or veneer.