GreCon: Measurement and control technology for Industry 4.0

Fagus-GreCon will introduce new developments in fire protection and measuring technology at LIGNA. 

Integrating GreCon’s spark detection system in the customer’s machine control will be possible via PROFINET in the future. With this leading Ethernet standard for automation, GreCon offers two standardised field bus connections besides POWERLINE to record and evaluate all conditions of the system at a central point. The event data of the safety equipment can be easily connected with data of the process control.

A new thermal detector which monitors surface temperature more flexibly will also be introduced. It is possible to measure surface temperature at selectable points with three contact sensors. If the temperature exceeds a certain value, the aggregate is switched off automatically, thus reducing fire risks considerably.

Measuring systems can also be integrated into customer-specific system controls. The FORMATOR regulates the constant material distribution in the mat, one of the most important requirements for a continuous production quality in the wood-based material production. Material fluctuations are reduced to a minimum by an automatic control process not only within one production order, but also within the individual board.

“Fiberview”, an optical inline measuring system assesss fibre quality. The “Fiberview” transfers the current actual values for the number of shives to the controller via the OPC interface. The controller adapts the distance of the grinding discs so that the current number of shives always remains within the previously defined tolerance range.