Giardina Group reports good performance in 2023 and new ventures for 2024

Giardina Group reports good performance in 2023

The Giardina Group has released their performance report for 2023, indicating that they reached an export share close to 95% of its total output.

Going into 2024, the group reported that they managed to acquire an extensive set of orders as well, made possible due to a consolidated presence in many international markets. Demand has returned to good levels, with the possibility of planning key deliveries up to the beginning of 2025.

The ability to respond quickly to customer requests is one of the keys to the growing success of Giardina Group, as they claimed. Its production focuses on this aspect, as the order for a machine or system is not always something planned and the above often proves to be a strategic tool for tackling certain orders.

This strategy includes the availability of stand-alone machines that can be installed and tested in a few weeks, so as to help clients be more competitive.

However, Giardina’s custom-made systems have always been their core business, especially for handling and sanding, all part of the painting process of furniture production.

Riccardo Mauri, co-owner and technical director of the Giardina Group, commented: “We are building an actual network also at a technical-production level, thanks to which we can also offer edge and profile sanding solutions to those who want our quality, and thanks to Destefani, but also automation, logistics and handling solutions.”

“Offering technology involves full attention to the customer’s needs, as well as to the big issues that the industry must be able to responsibly address today. There is much talk about sustainability, for example, a topic that has always been a daily challenge for a sector like ours.

“Painting-related activities have alarmed, often rightly, many. The situation is very different today and we, as technology manufacturers, are the first to implement a whole series of innovations and solutions which not only comply with the most stringent environmental protection regulations, but also regulations that guarantee aesthetic quality and resistance that are even better than in the past.”

“Right from the early design stages, each machine, each system is studied and defined so that it has the lowest possible energy requirements and very low emission levels, while always guaranteeing finishes of the best quality.”

Giardina Group has also announced the launch of new integrated hospitality projects, “offering an increasingly broader range of demos and training on every aspect of finishing”.

Stefano Mauri, co-owner, elaborated: “We have all realised that now it is not enough to design and build good machines, but you need to provide a comprehensive, total service that enables customers to exclusively focus on their own business, delegating all the issues related to the various processing cycles to trusted suppliers.”

This year, the Giardina Group will launch Giardina Group Academy, an actual school carried out in partnership with Catas. “We want to prove that sharing knowledge can open new avenues in markets where there is still a lot to discover,” said Stefano Mauri.

He concluded about the current market situation: “[This is] a season in many ways influenced by excellent results in terms of turnover but also by greater uncertainties in terms of orders. We find ourselves operating in an economic-social context full of complexity that we recommend many stand back and watch for a little while longer, waiting for at least some of the many clouds that still darken the horizon to disappear.”