Giardina Group at Xylexpo 2024: “Italian companies requiring a quality finish have always been our main partners”

Giardina at Xylexpo 2024 (Image: Giardina Group)

Giardina Group has reported success for its participation at the recently concluded Xylexpo 2024, reaffirming their commitment to the local Italian market, even though a majority of the solutions are exported.

“Although more than 90% of our production is exported, Italian companies requiring a quality finish have always been our main partners, not only as customers, but also and above all as partners with whom we can develop new technologies that will then be introduced to the rest of the world,” commented Stefano Mauri, owner of the Giardina Group, together with his brother Riccardo Mauri.

In co-operation with several paint manufacturers like Sirca, Icro Coatings and Renner Italia, Giardina featured their technologies with live demonstrations.

The company spotlighted their Rolltech Flexi, a roller coater created after four years of research and testing, resulting in the development of a solution capable of responding to market needs.

It is designed and built to apply UV and conventional primers on 3D surfaces, but which has also proved to be an excellent solution for the application of special coating cycles on flat surfaces.

Also exhibited at Xylexpo was the Dualtech 400, an automatic spraying machine with two reciprocating arms and paper belt; and the Destefani Mvt 3000 edge sander for edge and profile sanding.

For drying, in addition to Giardina Group’s Uvtech GST oven, a new UV LED oven has been presented, which is based on technology that the group is developing. The efforts to reduce mercury lamps are shifting manufacturers’ attention to other energy sources, and in these applications too, LED lamps can be ideal, with potential for development and innovation that, by stimulating LED manufacturers to achieve adequate emissions, will allow them to completely supplant current technologies at every stage of the coating process.